about cheyenne

Ever since I was a small child, I had a fascination with horses feet. In fact, it was more like an obsession. Collecting hoof trimmings and finding round pieces of wood I could pretend to trim with whatever similar looking tools I could get my hands on. So, there was only one career choice for me. Farriery. Or so I thought...

I aced my GCSE’s and went straight to college to obtain my metalwork certificate. Once this was under my belt, I found an Approved Training Farrier and started my apprenticeship 120 miles from home. But after a series of events, I found the scenario just wasn’t for me. I returned home disappointed and frustrated. I decided I had to give it another go and whilst looking for another apprenticeship I would enroll myself in a hoof related course so I could give myself a head start. I soon stopped looking for another apprenticeship.

I was very sceptical about the barefoot ideas, and although I knew horses were better off without shoes, I believed they couldn’t perform without shoes to any significant level. How wrong I was. The course made me re-think everything I knew about horses and backed up hoof theories with scientific findings through endless dissections. Life long questions I had were finally answered and hooves started making sense.

I spent 2 years studying with the Equine Podiatry Training Ltd and a further year completing case studies under the watchful eye of a mentor to obtain my Diploma. I am now a fully qualified Equine Podiatrist and member of the Equine Podiatry Association.