full consultation from £50 (remedial work may vary)

What to expect at a consultation

Please have your horse in, ready and clean on my arrival. Hard standing is required for me to work safely and achieve a good trim. A consultation usually takes about an hour but can take longer if specific issues are identified.

  1. I will meet and greet you and your horse. We will discuss everything from what you do with your horse, plans for the future, diet, environment and veterinary history.
  2. I will then take photos of your horses feet and ask you to walk and trot your horse up for me.
  3. If needed, I will trim and rebalance the feet and can remove shoes if necessary.
  4. I will then ask to see your horse walk and trot again before taking some more photos and notes.
  5. I’m also happy to help with boot fitting and advice.
  6. We will discuss your horses hoof health, any problems and how to treat them.
  7. Sometimes, it can be a lot of information to remember so I will write a visit report and email it to you after the visit.

I cover a 25 mile radius of where I live in King’s Someborne.